Bodybuilding Supplements- Designed To Recover From Workouts

Bodybuilding supplements are designed to aid bodybuilders in their quest to grow. The most widely used bodybuilding supplements are designed to help you recover from workouts, repair the muscle fibers you break down as you pump iron and to kick start new growth. What novice bodybuilders often don't realize, or take a long time to learn, is that whilst you are training you are actually breaking down and tearing muscle fibers. You do not grow during training, if anything you shrink slightly. Difficult to take in? This is made even more difficult to accept as during training you appear bigger due to the 'pump' you experience from the high volumes of blood in the muscle group. Despite this misleading experience you do not grow during training.

bodybuilding supplements

After training, when your muscle fibers have been broken down and torn, a process of cellular recovery begins almost instantly. If you have broken down a lot of muscle fiber your body will overcompensate you by rebuilding more fibers than were previously present in the muscle group, and that is how you experience growth. There are a number of bodybuilding supplements specifically designed to aid this recovery process and help the body over compensate for the damage done by (re)building more fibers. Of such products, the most commonly used is whey protein.

This is the bodybuilding supplements product that is backed by the most scientific research and is generally believed to aid workout recovery, muscle growth and help maintain a resilient immune system. Whey protein is best consumed directly after a workout-approximately 20-45 minutes after in fact-in order to augment the recovery process initiated naturally and instinctively by the body. In the second category are those products designed to aid and fuel energy levels for workouts. Another common type of bodybuilding supplements are those designed to aid and fuel energy levels for workouts, therefore these products are consumed before and during training. The most commercially obvious example of an energy product is Lucozade, but this product is not commonly consumed by bodybuilders who tend to prefer something that packs a much harder punch. Lucozade contains high levels of glucose and dextrose, quick release sugars. Bodybuilders tend to opt for the more stimulating and longer lasting nutrients such as caffeine, guarana and maltodextrin.

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