Bodybuilding Supplements – Has Yours Passed the Test?

With new supplement coming out almost daily and with magazines filled with page after page of ads-each one promising the moon. How do you know which ones are legit (meaning they do what they say) and which ones are nothing but hype.


The best way to figure out if a supplements is worth trying is the time test. When a new supplement comes out, it is pushed by tons of ads and hype-hold off and see what happens in a couple of months.

Meaning, do you still see ads for the product-or has it been pushed aside in favor of something else?


Case in point, I remember seeing ads for one of the pre-workout products about two years ago, and it was put out by a huge supplement company-saw the ad maybe twice and boom, it was gone.

Does this mean it was a bad product?


Sometimes things just do not pan out, but chances are if you stop seeing ads for a particular product-it was not very effective. Remember, bodybuilding supplements are pricey, so if they do not produce results-people will not buy them again.


Another way to go about looking into a product that you are thinking about buying is to go online and see what other people are saying about it. The thing is, you have to be careful with this approach and actually read what people are saying.

For example, say you are looking into the pre-work powders and you take a quick look and see that the feedback on the particular product that you are thinking of purchasing of supplements is positive-wait do not buy it yet.

If you take a closer look, you might find that while it works, it gives some people the jitters or is hard on the stomach. This might not matter to some, but let us say for example, that you are already a high energy person-getting the jitters just may not workout for you.


Supplements will come and go, but you can be sure of one thing, if a supplement came out a number of years ago and is still selling-it must do something otherwise consumers would have dropped it long ago.

So if you read about supplements and you might purchase this product visit supplements regardless of the good reviews.



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