Diet Product Infomercials

Among the host of products promoted by infomercials, the most common are diet products. There has been a proliferation in the number of infomercials promoting such products that reflect an increasing consciousness among people about their dietary habits and lifestyle.

Diet product infomercials promise amazing new discoveries and ingredients that are sometimes too good to be true. They try to win and reinforce the confidence of viewers by examining their lifestyle and dietary preferences. The products are promoted by working on the natural complexes of ordinary and commonplace consumers who are conscious of their figure, appearance and overall personality. This is done by responding to questions such as how their diet product can help reduce the incidences of baldness, weight gain and skin disorders. They also claim health benefits, such as a cure for cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, lupus, energy loss and other illnesses.

They categorize diet products as weight loss fad diet, low cab diet, low fat diet, high protein diet, Atkin diet, South Beach diet and Zone diet. In an attempt to make the infomercial more enticing to the viewers, a comprehensive diet analysis is made and a diet plan is carved out, which essentially includes their diet product. In other words, infomercials guide viewers to choose a diet that is right for them.

Infomercials are made more authentic and convincing by giving detailed information of how the product works, presenting summary reports of the studies conducted on the effect of their product. In some cases, they also include a quiz on the efficacy of the product, which covertly proves their diet product to be the best product in the market.

The infomercials commit that their product consist of natural ingredients to catch up with the common fad of buying everything herbal. The product, it is said, contains no chemically generated compounds, fillers or artificial additives or stimulants and has zero negative side effects.

The diet product infomercials attempt at marketing and projecting their product as the only solution to all the health related problems and to be perceived as of great value by the viewers. However, the FDA has also set guidelines in order to protect consumers.

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