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Brand Name Diet Products, Health and Nutrition Supplements – Is Shaklee For You?

There are many companies on and offline who focus on the health and nutrition industry and have their line of brand name diet products and nutrition supplements. Why, because it is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Within the Multi Level Marketing sector alone there are several such companies, but we are going to focus […]

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Comparison Between Green Tea Diet Products Vs Acai Berry Diet Products – Which One Really Works?

With a recent surge in people wanting to eat healthier and get in better shape, there has been an explosion of health related products that have taken store shelves by storm. Many of these products make all kinds of health related claims such as weight loss, stop obesity, weight control, prevent cancer, manage diabetes and […]

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Diet Product Infomercials

Among the host of products promoted by infomercials, the most common are diet products. There has been a proliferation in the number of infomercials promoting such products that reflect an increasing consciousness among people about their dietary habits and lifestyle. Diet product infomercials promise amazing new discoveries and ingredients that are sometimes too good to […]

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