Gaining Muscle without Putting on Fat – 8 Simple Tricks To Accomplish It

Almost every male species in this world would dream of having a well-built body, and therefore, they tend to build up on weight as much as they can. A well-toned body is something that is full of muscles, enough to keep the body to stay in shape. But the question that most body builders would ask is this, "Is Gaining Muscle without gaining fat possible?"

Consuming more calories is the key to gaining muscle mass, and too much calories could lead to fat buildup. But a well-toned body is something that does not have any stubborn fats at all. The key to Gaining Muscle without gaining fat is to speed-up your metabolic rate so that those extra fats that you have consumed will be converted to muscles, and will not be stored as body fats.

Gaining Muscle

Here are tips to speed-up your metabolism in order to gaining muscles without the fats.

Eat Properly

One of the most important things that you have to do in order for your metabolic rate to increase is to watch what you eat. By eating the right foods, you are preventing those stubborn fats to build-up in your body, and instead, you will end up gaining the right amount of weight. You must eat mostly complex carbohydrates and proteins, and these include cereals, whole grains, fruits and veggies, for these are the foods that could help to burn all those fats that you have gained.

Cardio Exercises

In contrast to what most people believe, cardio workouts are actually necessary if you want to build muscles fast. The reasons why people would gain fats even if you have done a lot od muscle training exercises is simply because you do not perform quite enough cardio training exercises. So the next time you hit the gym, make sure that you include high intensity cardio exercises in your workouts, so as to burn all those extra fats that you have accumulated.

Strength training Exercises

It is a common knowledge to everyone that in order to build muscles, you must have a lot of weight training exercises in your workout program. It is highly advised that you consult with a fitness trainer to know the appropriate strength training exercises that could speed-up your muscle building process. Some fitness trainers would advice to do heavy weights at a fewer repetition, while some would ask you to do lighter weights with more repetitions, just ask them what is suitable for you.

Drink Several Glasses of Water

So you will be Gaining Muscle without gaining fat, make sure that you increase your daily intake of water. If you workout at a gym regularly, always drink a glass of water in between intervals and drink a glass of water after every meal as well. Water is necessary for our body, because it keeps us hydrated and water is also essential for distributing several nutrients all over our body.

Eat a Lot

Since you are trying to bulk-up on muscles, it is important that you fuel your body by eating more foods daily. But I'm not saying that you can just eat anything that you want to, for like I said, you have to be mindful of the foods that you eat daily. Your daily calorie intake must not exceed to 20 percent than your usual calorie consumption, and the best way for this is to space-out your daily meals.

Plan Your Meals

As mentioned earlier, you must eat a lot of foods daily if you want to Gaining Muscle. But the key to Gaining Muscle without gaining fat is to actually plan your daily meals in advance and dividing your meals up to six small meals all throughout the day, making sure that the meals are equipped with the right amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If you eat several meals in a day, and not just your usual three meals, your metabolic rate will speed up, so you will not have to worry about Gaining Muscle while you build muscles.

Track the Amount of Calories that You Eat

 Gaining Muscle

Tracking the amount of calorie that you consume everyday is also very important for you to gain muscles without fats. There are a lot of devices now that were made for the purpose of calculating the calories that you consume out of the foods that you eat daily. Aside from these devices, you can also refer to some websites in the Internet which offers a free calculation of the calories that you have consumed from your daily meals with Gaining Muscle.

Sleep Well

Even if you follow all the tips of Gaining Muscle into increasing your metabolic rate, you will still not achieve your ideal body weight if you forego the most important aspect in your muscle building process, and that is sleep. Your muscles will build up and recover only during when you are at rest or are sleeping, so you must make sure that you have enough sleep all the time. Sleeping for about 8 hours each days is enough to speed-up your metabolism.

Now that you knew the things to do in order for you to be gaining muscle without gaining fat, it is time that you put these tips into action. Make sure that you adhere to all these advices, so post this somewhere that's easily visible to you, or just read through it every day so you will be reminded of the things that you need to do while you go on with your muscle building process. And here's an additional tip before I end – try to monitor your body's fat percentage so if you feel that your fat percentage increases, then you better do something to lessen the fats, by doing more cardio exercises in your workout routine.

Look at more specific principle about building muscle and shed fat at the same time in Gaining Muscle. Nonetheless, do remember to keep your body healthy over the process; much more about this on Gaining Muscle.


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