Method Weight Management

Forget diet, save money and lose the weight. Method Weight Management is a tightly written little book on losing weight without the long winded explanations, deep-seated emotional issues and "new technology."

weight management

Author Carrol Wolverton is a former working single mom with an appreciation for time, money and health. She emphasizes that health, stress and money are all connected, so looking after these areas of life are going to help your weight management. In turn, the proper (and cheap) weight management is going to decrease stress and expenditures. Having previously tried several of her methods and recipes, I concur that a few habit changes can make the reader happier, leaner and wealthier.

Unlike the newest diet on the block approach, Wolverton recommends changing one item at a time with diet and lifestyle. She promotes the small changes that make big differences. For instance, switching from sugar laden colas to diet drinks or removing salt from your meals will cause healthy weight management. The bonus with these strategies is that their is no deprivation or hunger. Maybe a loss of snacking-type appetite, but not starvation hunger.

Much of Wolverton's approach is self-reliance and attitude. Wolverton and her guest writer, Rosalie Moscoe, discusses and provides solutions to eating disorders, food-mood disorders and food allergies. But, she puts the emphasis on the person to fix their problem or go find help. She does not give the reader much out in the way of excuses. I like her "so-what?" response to typical excuses that people have for over-eating and not exercising. In particular, I like her snappy retort to people poking fun at her bicycling: "I prefer a size 2 to a 22." Touche, Carrol.

Weight management is definitely the easiest method to reduce excessive fat. Find out more regarding weight management and have a physical structure that you have often dreamt of.


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