Secret Power Of The Worlds Best Bodybuilding Supplement

Ok, are you ready for a mind blower? The secret power of bodybuilding nutrition is about to be handed to you on a silver platter.

You see for some time there has been a conspiracy afoot. It is a conspiracy propagated by the Best Bodybuilding Supplement marketers who want to be creating new products to attract your attention, and they do it by playing into your muscle greed.

best bodybuilding supplement

You know what I mean?

Products with crazy claims.

Gain 8 lbs of rock solid muscle a week!


Drop 10 lbs of fat in 48 hours.

Sensationalism sells friend. If I can make a big claim, I will get your attention.

The problem is that sensationalism also distracts you from the one bodybuilding product that will actually get results. It is the product that has been sitting quietly on the shelf of your Best Bodybuilding Supplement store for decades. It is the one that you never notice because you are dazzled by all the multi-colored posters of hot fitness models and hyper product claims.

It is the same product that was in the cupboard of Arnold Schwarzenegger's kitchen back in 72 and it is in Jay Cutlers cupboard today.

Drum Roll Please…

The worlds Best Bodybuilding Supplement is,

Good old fashioned Protein.


Hold on a minute…

Listen, muscle is made up of What?

That's right Protein. And when your body goes to add slabs of new muscle to your biceps what does it need?


So what should the top choice for today's bodybuilder be? It should be a high quality protein matrix where a majority of the protein comes from ion exchanged whey. Pound for pound this mass-building elixir supplies more muscle building nutrition than any Best Bodybuilding Supplement on the market.

So next trip to the supermarket, or when shopping online, make a plan to avoid all the high impact marketing efforts and head straight for the protein section. Pick-up the highest quality protein you can afford and walk away knowing that you made the best choice for your pocket book… and your pecs.

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