Top 5 Tips For Bodybuilding Supplements For Bigger Muscles Fast

Looking for bodybuilding supplement tips to build you massive muscle fast? Tempted by what you read in the muscle building and fitness mags? Forget it; they own the supplement companies. Read on to find out the whole alarming truth…

BODYBUILDING SUPPLEMENTS CAN ONLY EVER MAKE A 1 – 10% DIFFERENCE ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM, EVEN WHEN COMBINED TOGETHER. Yes, most of the supplements out there are rubbish and not worth your time or money whatsoever! If they were, then there'd be far more muscly people around. I always recommend you have the bodybuilding supplements listed here below in this article, but there are only a few other additional extras which have a worthwhile effect like creatine, glutamine and arginine which I'll uncover in a later article. Remember that these only have an effect if you're training hard, eating very well and sleeping enough!

PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS (PROTEIN DRINKS). You need up to 1 gram (g) of protein per pound (lb) of bodyweight, and you should consume even more than this because you can't absorb all the protein you consume from food. Chicken, fish and beef you can only ever absorb around 70% to 80% of the protein from. Consuming enough protein without too much fat's often a problem, so the solution's cost effective, fast and delicious protein bodybuilding supplements. If you're eating a lot of desserts and sweets then try sacrificing some desserts and get that bodybuilders edge with these instead! Food intake frequency is an important edge with bodybuilding nutrition, so aim to take protein / food every 2 to 3 hours.

Protein supplements often contain vitamins, other supplements such as creatine and perhaps some minerals. Consume your bodybuilding supplements within 30 minutes after finishing your training for maximum effect. You can also consume your protein drink with a meal, and they're useful as a chocolate bedtime drink to stop your body breaking down your muscles overnight.

CARBOHYDRATE SUPPLEMENTS / RECOVERY DRINKS. Hard training uses up lots of the muscle and liver energy stores glycogen which is made from carbohydrates (carbs). When you are low on energy the body will break down your muscle mass to get the branched chain amino acids out of them, then transforms these into glucose in the liver. So you'd best get some carbohydrate in your system after training to replenish the glycogen, otherwise your body will use amino acids (muscle tissue) for energy. The window of opportunity is no longer than 20 minutes after finishing training for a carbohydrate supplement.

Bodybuilders use carbohydrate supplements directly after training and bodybuilding supplements together. You can buy drinks all in one, or make your own mixture of 0.8g carbs / lean bodyweight in kg, and 0.4g protein / lean bodyweight in kg with about 1 litre of water. It's recommended to have 1/3 of this no more than 15 minutes before training, 1/3 during training and 1/3 at the end actually!

VITAMIN + MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS. Vitamins do not supply energy or significantly add mass to the body; they are catalysts which trigger other reactions in the body. Some vitamins are often in protein supplements, and you can have your bodybuilding supplements with mineral water. Local health food stores (and the internet) have packs of vitamins + minerals with the right dosage. I recommend to have 1 multivitamin and mineral supplement per day (or the recommended dosage – always read the label) as a back up plan. This is much easier, convenient and headache saving than having the same big variety of food all the time.

OMEGA 3 + OMEGA 6 – HEALTHY FATS / ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS (EFA's). These are essential for your body to function properly, similarly to the way essential amino acids from protein are; your body cannot produce them itself. EFA's prevent inflammation in the body including lubricating the joints (and other health benefits) which is important to carry on lifting into later life. Omega 3 EFA is found in fish usually, and other common sources are flaxseed oil and green leafy vegetables. Omega 6 EFA is found in vegetable oil, sunflower oil and sesame oil, to name a few. Both these types of EFA's can be found cheaply in the form of supplements, which is more convenient because no one eats salmon 3 times a day; urgh! With a bottle of omega 3 + 6 it's easy.

Your dream body's a realistic goal provided you follow these proven tips. Use these tips from today and soon you'll see a ripped more muscular you staring back in your reflection…

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