Weight Management Diet – Losing Without Counting Calories

Even the most sensible weight management diet has obstacles to overcome and one that I hear most often is the question about calorie counting. A friend of mine the other day said that there was just no way to lose weight if she didn't count every calorie that she puts in her mouth. I disagree, you see it is important to be sensible but when you count every calorie you obsess over food – is this what you want? If not, there is a better way to approach calories that will help you lose weight faster than you ever imagined.

weight management diet

How to Handle Calories On A Weight Management Diet

Relatively new food labeling practices have made it easier than ever for the dieter to monitor their calorie intake. This is a good thing and I agree that you should track your food and drink intake for a while when you begin losing weight. The problem is that every human body is different, and every human body has a different metabolic type. This means you can not trust these charts that say if you are a 5 foot, 4 inch woman you should eat 1,400 calories per day. It is just not that cut and dry.

If your weight management diet has you counting calories you have probably realized that there are some limitations. What I had recommended to me in a great weight management program was to track my food intake but fill my body with real foods that were satisfying and eat big enough portions to sustain my energy.

Sounds kind of radical doesn't it? I mean here is a diet that is telling me to eat non-diet foods and plenty of them to lose weight. Hmmmm.

Well, it turned out to be just the twist I needed to get off the weight loss roller coaster. It all comes down to finding the exact foods that will not break down too fast in your body (these foods quickly get stored as fat and leave you feeling hungry).

What foods am I talking about?

How about a weight management diet that has you eating real butter, whole eggs, olive oil, and raw nuts. Have you ever eaten these foods and noticed how your hunger stays away for hours! Could that help you control your calorie intake without having to count?

Now I know what you are thinking, "but I am different, I will just keep eating and eating". This is what I thought too and this is why it is sensible to track your food intake for a little while until you start to really "get" how satisfied you feel on these foods. After that you intuitively eat satisfying foods, avoid the afternoon low-energy crash and lose weight fast and consistently.

How fast can you lose when you follow a sensible weight management diet like this? You can expect to drop 3 to 10 pounds the first week and then after that keep dropping each week while you feel energized and motivated and before you know it you forget completely about carrying your calorie counting notebook around.

Are you tired of confusing and contradicting information and restrictive diets that leave you feeling hungry and low on energy? Me too! For me, the best weight management diet allows me to eat real foods and doesn't waste my time with counting every calorie or eating boring diet foods.

Inside you will discover the exact foods to eat and not to eat to burn off 10% of your unwanted weight in body fat in the next 30 days, and then continue to burn it off every month until you have the body you've always wanted!

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